London Manifesto for Marriage Launched by Christian Democrats

Campaigning candidates from across London's churches are putting marriage at the heart of their policies in elections for the London Assembly. The CPA enters the campaign as the capital's best supported political option outside the Assembly and is running on the party list as: Christian Peoples Alliance - Supporting Traditional Marriage. The party is launching it's Seven Point Plan for London in Kingston upon Thames, called Caring Families, Caring Communities, with the aim of strengthening what it says is society's bed-rock institution.
The Plan aims to tackle poverty, boost relationships and help London continue to compete as the leading city of the global economy.
Caring Families, Caring Communities
The Christian Peoples Alliance - Seven Point Plan for London
Reducing the gap between rich and poor will improve the quality of life of all Londoners. We are champions of a Living Wage of £8.30 an hour, full equal pay for women and the priority of ending health inequalities.
We will introduce a Family Oyster Card with a 25% discount on all fares in London for all families in receipt of child benefit. It can be used at any time, without the need for children to travel too, saving £1800 over 4 years.
We will set up Homes for London inside the GLA, which will target 33,400 new homes a year and see that all London properties meet the Decent Homes standard. We will restore low rents, fair lettings and sanctions on rogue landlords, as well as proper shelter for homeless people. 
A £500 million London Regeneration Fund will be established for new green businesses through leveraging existing government loan schemes. This will provide interest free loans to tackle the scourge of unemployment, targetting support through training and apprenticeships for NEETs.
We will support small businesses with procurement procedures, planning decisions and rate demands to ensure local economies flourish. We will press for planning powers to regulate betting shops, pawnbrokers and the large multiple grocers who leak money from local areas.
We will introduce accredited marriage preparation courses, with parental support and a £1,000 first marriage gratuity. This recognises the difference strong marriages make to the well-being of children, stronger communities and lower crime.
We will launch a "pathway out of a life of crime" initiative to bring children back into law-abiding living. Family breakdown is linked to youth crime, so strengthening families is our priority, with serious consequences imposed on those refusing to change.
Speaking at a New Malden church on Sunday night on the Case for Marriage, CPA Leader Alan Craig explained that conventional marriage makes the difference to child well-being, social stability and economic prosperity:
"Unlike the Coalition, the CPA believes in giving marriage privileges and our policy commitments underline this. Family breakdown has doubled since 1980 and the trend is almost entirely going the wrong way. The Coalition's proposals on gay marriage do not help.
"All successful child-bearing relationships involve marriage. 97% of intact couples with 15 year old children are married - long-term co-habitation is very rare. The cost of broken relationships is hitting children hard, with personal tragedies to the parents involved and real economic damage to society. It is time all parties backed marriage and we intend to be the first in London."
Under PR voting using the orange ballot paper, just 5 percent is needed for a candidate to be elected to the Assembly from the Christian Peoples Alliance List.

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