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Thank you for being salt and light in the society. Every person, Christian
or non-Christian, enjoys Christian values. Only the people with strong
Christian identity can remain true to these principles in this corrupt
world. Your calling is to serve the society with your gifts and talents.
Christian Democrats in Estonia wish you success and blessings for the task.

Peeter Vosu

Chairman Estonian Christian Democrats

I support the Christian Peoples Alliance in its goal of building a better society in Britain where human dignity and long term commitment to promoting family values are the pillars of its work.

Franck Margain

Vice Chairman, French Christian Democrats

Christian values underpin European integration. I firmly believe that if these values spread in the UK with the help of the Christian Peoples Alliance, this will be for the benefit of UK society and for reconciliation within an enlarged Europe.

Zsolt Nemeth MP

Vice-President, FIDESZ Hungarian Civic Union and Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister

As a Christian-democratic party in the Netherlands, we have a long-standing relationship with the Christian Peoples Alliance. They have made a valuable contribution to Christian Democracy in Europe. We have met in the CPA a party with a mature programme and an honest concern for the well being of people.

Christian Democracy starts with values which are important for society and then translates this into social policy - a social policy that does not start with the governmental institutions, but starts at the level of the people, their families and communities. As Christian Democrats we always ask ourselves what the consequences of policy would be for this fabric of society.

The CPA stands in this same way of thinking as many Christian Democrat parties around the globe. From the Philippines to Sweden, from Chile to the Netherlands; everywhere there are people who recognise that these Christian Democrat ideas make sense. Now you will have the same opportunity as them to vote for Christian Democracy.

Andre Rouvoet

Former Deputy Dutch Prime Minister

In a just society, there can be no second-class citizens. I support the Christian Peoples Alliance in its efforts to help disadvantaged members of society to survive and thrive, to flourish and reach their potential. Such social solidarity is the true hallmark of Christian Democracy.

Senator Ronan Mullen

Independent Member, Irish Seanad

As Leader of CDL I send my best wishes to the Christian Peoples Alliance, wishing every success. We know that CPA is a wholly pro-life political party and it is of the greatest importance that it obtains representation at every level of British political life open to it. We pray for a successful outcome in upcoming elections.

Mechthild Löhr

President, Christian Democrats for Life, CDU, Germany

Christian Democrats in Finland wish all the best to our sister party, CPA, for great success and many breakthroughs in the coming elections. We hope that voters are supportive of our common Christian Democratic principles and we especially recommend CPA to any voters of Finnish origin.

Paivi Rasanen

Leader, Finnish Christian Democrats

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