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Christian Peoples Alliance - issues
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Our Manifesto

Not By Bread Alone:


The Christian Peoples Alliance is a party which champions the values that made Britain Great.

Creeping secularism has brought with it policies that have ravaged the planet, exploited vulnerable workers, caused financial meltdown, abused the sanctity of the person and marginalised family life.

Our aim is to offer change and hope through bringing Christian Democracy to voters. Examine our key policies below:

A New Ecology for Living

The Christian Peoples Alliance will see that Britain adopts more sustainable ways of living. Many people make demands on limited resources. They take. Our passion is to give our country a lot more love and stewardship. The Christian Democratic approach is to promote the emergence of self-reliant local economies, democratically supported by devolved decision-making, preserving the beauty of creation entrusted to all the people of Britain. We believe that investing in the social ecology of human relationships - especially family life - will also help ensure wise stewardship of the natural ecology. Read more...

The Global Common Good

Grinding poverty still holds 2.8 billion people around the world in its grip. The Bible makes it clear with over 3,000 references to poverty that God hates injustice and that to love our neighbours as ourselves is a mandate that Britain should follow. For the Christian Peoples Alliance, poverty is not an accident - it's driven by global injustice. Read more...

Compassion and Respect for Life

Our approach is distinctive in that we want a compassionate nation that values relationships and the dignity of every individual above material possessions. Our aim as Christian Democrats is to see a slower and less dysfunctional society. This means we will watch out for the stress that modern life loads on people, especially the less well off who are most likely to suffer health problems. Read more...

Jobs and Fairness

Free market capitalism, if left to itself, does not produce a downward trickle from rich to poor. Over the past thirty years, under both Labour and the Conservatives, share of income and wealth has been transferred from the poor of Britain and the world, to the rich. This will get worse under Coalition government policies. Read more...

Backing Marriage and Families

What single policy change will make the most difference to improving the health and stability of modern society? The Christian Peoples Alliance is committed to support and strengthen both marriage and family life and put it at the heart of all social policy. We do so based on overwhelming sociological evidence that marriage matters. The traditional family structure, centred upon a loving and faithful relationship between a husband and a wife, is the building block of our society. But it faces attack from every political quarter. Left, right and centre all equivocate in their support for marriage. Read more...

Religious Liberty

The Christian Peoples Alliance seeks to be a voice not just for Christians, but for the whole community. But disillusionment in the churches with the political system is now evident. There is a deep sense of grievance with the way the equalities legislation is working. We aim to address the causes of this and fight for religious liberty. Read more...

Values for Schools

The approach which marks out the Christian Peoples Alliance is our commitment to the highest ideals of liberal education - the formation of the whole person. Schooling at its best opens up new horizons, broadens the imagination, gives space to the flourishing of the human spirit and helps form the character of the individual. Read more...

Previous election manifestos
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