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Policy Documents


Manifestos approved by the CPA Federal Policy Committee and CPA Policy Statements

January 2008

The Mayflower Declaration

May 2007

Submission to the Newham Independent Casino Commission

May 2006

Local Government Manifesto 2006

September 2005

The Soul of Europe - Christian Directions for the European Union

May 2005

General Election Manifesto 2005

December 2004

The 2004 London manifesto - Passion for London

November 2004

Opposition to War in Iraq

November 2004

Opposition to the Relaxation of Gambling Laws

September 2004

Enhancing Sexual Wellbeing in Scotland - A Sexual Health and Relationships Strategy.

September 2004

Submission on Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill

April 2004

Responding to the NHS Nursing Shortfall : Ram Gidoomal CBE Easter 2004

January 2004

Faith in Europe - EU Manifesto 2004

June 2003

Submission by the Christian Peoples Alliance to the EA Faith & Nation Enquiry

July 2002

Review of the Blasphemy Laws July 2002

January 2002

Bias to the Poor - Local Government Manifesto 2002

April 2000

Sorting London's Traffic - Policies for the GLA 2000

April 2000

Sharing Prosperity, Building Community - GLA Manifesto 2000

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