The Christian Peoples Alliance

The Christian Peoples Alliance is a party rooted in the historic Christian faith that seeks to demonstrate the love of God through political service. Our faith and principles are drawn from the Bible, especially the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, as well as from Christian political insights through the centuries.

The CPA Statement of Values - The Mayflower declaration.pdf

The CPA was founded in 2000 by leading members of the non-party Movement for Christian Democracy, which in turn was formed in 1991 by a group of cross-party Christian Members of Parliament. The CPA has adopted the same principles and social vision, summarised as the Six Principles of Christian Democracy. These are Active Compassion, Respect for Life, Social Justice, Wise Stewardship, Empowerment and Reconciliation.

We believe that Christianity gives a vision for the whole of politics - through principles, policies, peacemaking, economic policy and ethics. The Bible as God's revelation and Jesus' words and life are our central guide. We see the death and resurrection of Jesus as the central human event, bringing peace with God, and renewed life. We want to live within God's love and forgiveness, rather than remain within the old patterns of human failure in life and politics.

From the first the Christian Peoples Alliance puts faith at the centre of politics.

Since our formation, the CPA has carried the backing of Christian Democratic parties across Europe, the support of Church leaders of all denominational backgrounds and encouragement from leading members across the faiths. We are members of the European Christian Political Movement.

Christian Peoples Alliance
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