European Election Campaign 2014

General and local Elections 2010

European Elections 2009

London Campaign 2008

Scottish Parliamentary elections 2007

Local Elections 2006

General Election 2005

London Campaign 2004

Campaign Leaflet Artwork and Photos

To view and use artwork or photos produced by CPA nationally for use in your local CPA leaflets

CPA Logos for use by all CPA Branches
(86kb .pdf - uploaded Feb 2002)

CPA Newsletter Clip-Art for Use by CPA Branches
(317kb .pdf - uploaded Feb 2002)

Campaign and Election leaflets

Download these leaflets for ideas and latest campaigns

Europe Election Leaflet 2014
(817kb .pdf - uploaded May 2014)

Alex Latim for Newham Mayor 2014
(204kb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2014)

Newham - Standing for the Truth 2014
(821kb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2014)

5th May 2011 - Vote for the CPA list
(708kb .pdf - uploaded Dec 2013)

London Assembly Elections 2012 - Backing Marriage
(273kb .pdf - uploaded May 2012)

Lead London Assembly Candidate Biography
(70kb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2012)

Eastern Regon
(1.6mb .pdf - uploaded May 2009)

South East region
(1.6mb .pdf - uploaded May 2009)

South West
(1.6mb .pdf - uploaded May 2009)

West Midlands
(1.6mb .pdf - uploaded May 2009)

East Midlands
(1.6mb .pdf - uploaded May 2009)

Hope for London 08 (Polish version)
(1.0mb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2008)

Hope for London 08
(1.2mb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2008)

Local Election Leaflet
(377kb .pdf - uploaded Mar 2006)

Transforming London for Christ - J.John
(267kb .pdf - uploaded Jun 2004)

London and European Elections
(960kb .pdf - uploaded Jun 2004)

London Elections
(205kb .pdf - uploaded Jun 2004)

Christianity and the European Union
(261kb .pdf - uploaded Nov 2003)

Thank God Election Leaflet
(12kb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2002)

Dave Cooper - An Independant Voice for Ipswich
(204kb .pdf - uploaded Nov 2001)

Membership leaflet
(518kb .pdf - uploaded Sep 2001)

Roger Glencross - The best choice for our next M.P.
(169kb .pdf - uploaded Apr 2001)

Election Advice

Election strategy and campaign advice

A simple guide to setting up a local CPA Group
(715kb .pdf - uploaded Aug 2005)

CPA Targets Council Seats
(180kb .pdf - uploaded Sep 2001)

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