The Global Common Good

Grinding poverty still holds 2.8 billion people around the world in its grip. The Bible makes it clear with over 3,000 references to poverty that God hates injustice and that to love our neighbours as ourselves is a mandate that Britain should follow. For the Christian Peoples Alliance, poverty is not an accident - it's driven by global injustice.

The global common good requires significant changes in the West, where powerful nations are wedded to empty consumerism, militarism and consumption of scarce resources that belong to all the planet. Christian Democrats want action to transform the policies of the world's financial institutions. The CPA will also press for Britain and its partners in the European Union to reach economic trade agreements with countries in the developing world that are not exploitative but fair.

Foreign and trade policies that address the root causes of discontent in the poverty and injustice of the developing world are the best long-term strategy for tackling terrorism. The CPA will therefore pursue policies that challenge the root causes of injustice, such as wars, generalised violence, persecution, human rights abuses, the arms trade, the crippling debt burden and unfair trade practices that distort the economies of poor countries. Britain and its allies in the EU and US would do better to invest in schooling, tackling climate change, a free media and environmental protection than bombing campaigns, spyware and ID cards.

Military disasters such as Iraq must be repented of by Britain. The Christian Peoples Alliance opposed the pre-emptive and illegal war against Iraq as a breach of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. We warned it would lead to innumerable civilian casualties and make the West more vulnerable to terrorist attack. Britain and the United States must now admit to 'bearing false witness' by falsifying the case for war.

The European Union must not become a rich man's club. We will judge every measure by reference to our love for poorer global neighbours. This will require opening up our markets, ending subsidised agricultural export dumping and setting new standards of environmental protection.

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