A New Ecology for Living

The Christian Peoples Alliance will see that Britain adopts more sustainable ways of living. Many people make demands on limited resources. They take. Our passion is to give our country a lot more love and stewardship. The Christian Democratic approach is to promote the emergence of self-reliant local economies, democratically supported by devolved decision-making, preserving the beauty of creation entrusted to all the people of Britain. We believe that investing in the social ecology of human relationships - especially family life - will also help ensure wise stewardship of the natural ecology.

We will challenge the unequal consumption of scarce resources, as it is people's lifestyles and consumer choices which make the difference to social justice and environmental protection. The CPA requires a shift away from the me-first values that hasten unnecessary consumption and which lie behind the destruction of nature. Our whole approach to government will hasten this culture shift.

Hundreds of thousands of new green jobs will be created by a shift of social investment away from speculative enterprises on the capitalist banking model, towards green technologies and businesses. The Christian Peoples Alliance will see that the rules of the economy are re-written so that there is a humane future for everyone. We favour a new economic model based on biblical justice. The CPA seeks a global economy which operates within the ecological limits of the planet; eradicates poverty and tackles inequality; and ensures the human rights of all are met.

The first and over-riding priority is to prepare for the end of the carbon-based economy, whether in energy consumption, agricultural production or the activities of industry. We favour a sustained programme of investment in energy conservation, localised energy generation and renewable technologies as the primary means to boost economic demand, rather than reliance on money-supply solutions.

Planning must be undertaken to see the national housing stock becomes carbon-neutral and CO2 reduction targets are met. The scandalous failure of Labour to deliver new council housing will be addressed. All new developments will include 50 per cent affordable housing and homes insulated so that fuel bills are cut and people stay warm.

Christian Peoples Alliance
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