Jobs and Fairness

Free market capitalism, if left to itself, does not produce a downward trickle from rich to poor. Over the past thirty years, under both Labour and the Conservatives, share of income and wealth has been transferred from the poor of Britain and the world, to the rich. This will get worse under Coalition government policies.

The damage done by deep inequality is not just to people living in poverty and deprived conditions. The ill effects extend throughout the social scale, from increased social distance between groups, a collapse of common identity, authoritarianism, heightened competition over status and an unhealthy emphasis on self-interest and material success.

The Christian Peoples Alliance will tackle these through the adoption of policies which build a new common purpose for Britain, where the equal worth before God of every person is recognised. Meaningful and well-paid work must be available to all, on a Living Wage of 7.65 an hour.

Hundreds of thousands of new green jobs will be created by a shift of social investment away from speculative enterprises on the capitalist banking model, towards green technologies and businesses.

The Christian Peoples Alliance will see that the rules of the economy are re-written so that there is a humane future for everyone. We favour a new economic model based on biblical justice. The CPA seeks a global economy which operates within the ecological limits of the planet; eradicates poverty and tackles inequality; and ensures the human rights of all are met.

As Christian Democrats, we will act to challenge blind faith in the virtues of markets, the lack of accountability of financial institutions, offshore and non-transparent financial centres and inadequate regulation of finance, which have all played a part in the world credit crisis.

It is easy to assume that things cannot change for the British workforce. But it is possible, relatively quickly, to change the work patterns of substantial numbers of people for the better. Working with business organisations, unions and employers forums, the Christian Peoples Alliance will identify ways of overcoming problems related to over-work, so that time is released for people to spend in rest and recreation and in developing relationships, especially with older relatives and with children.

Restoring Sunday as a day of rest would be a radical social revolution - slowing the pace of life, tackling the waste of resources and confronting empty consumerism.

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