Compassion and Respect for Life

Our approach is distinctive in that we want a compassionate nation that values relationships and the dignity of every individual above material possessions. Our aim as Christian Democrats is to see a slower and less dysfunctional society. This means we will watch out for the stress that modern life loads on people, especially the less well off who are most likely to suffer health problems.

Professionals must be enabled to focus on patient care. The Christian Peoples Alliance will restore fair access to health care by ensuring that national standards of provision are the bench-marks rather than targets. This will end the damage to clinical priorities.

We want hospitals to be locally-owned, self-managing institutions on the model of voluntary agencies under independent boards answerable to the community they serve. We also think the current system for charging for care is unwieldy, unfair and unjust to people who have saved all their lives. A Commission looking at long-term care funding and new rights for carers would recognise this hidden subsidy to the NHS and social services.

The Christian Peoples Alliance is unashamed to declare its commitment to the principle of respect for life. God values everyone equally and so everyone from conception (fertilisation) to natural death deserves the protection of the law. Our objective is to develop a new caring, pro-life ethic that will embrace an end to all forms of violence, whether gun crime, domestic violence, the abuse of children, the violence of abortionism and embryo experimentation, sexual exploitation of women, people trafficking, slavery or cruelty to animals.

We arefirm advocatesof a UK repeal of the 1967 Abortion Act. Significant new support will be given to maternity units, such as resources for people-focused birth plans and new mid-wifery and nursing posts. A family-support service will be funded to ensure the provision of a 24-hour, 7-day a week helpline for women and couples who are seeking a positive alternative to abortion. We will back higher child benefits and family friendly tax policies, such as transferable allowances.

It is vital that a child's needs are placed at the heart of the adoption process. For this reason, the CPA will ensure that adoption is normally confined to the traditional family unit involving both a mother and a father.

Christian Peoples Alliance
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