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Values for Schools

The approach which marks out the Christian Peoples Alliance is our commitment to the highest ideals of liberal education - the formation of the whole person. Schooling at its best opens up new horizons, broadens the imagination, gives space to the flourishing of the human spirit and helps form the character of the individual.

Education can't be just about exam results and league tables. The Christian Democratic approach is to impart a clear sense of moral rights and responsibilities and to foster good ideas of citizenship. That is why we back church schools and the place of Christianity in national education.

We oppose saddling students with huge debts - it is wrong in principle and deters the less well-off from going to university.

In schools, we believe smaller class sizes are needed to allow greater attention for each child. But just as important to raising standards is tackling poverty and supporting stability in the home, which comes through loving parental relationships.

The CPA is campaigning for schools to support - not replace - the family in giving children the skills and confidence to make right choices, especially when faced by the challenges of alcohol and substance abuse, or under-age sex.

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