"The impact of Christian thinking on the European project: past, present and future"

The European Christian Political Movement warmly invites you to

"The impact of Christian thinking on the European project: past, present and future"

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 3 December 13:30-17:00 There is no doubt that Christianity had a great impact on the start of European cooperation in the 20th centrury. The European project was initiated by founding fathers who, inspired by the Christian faith, had a vision to promote peace and reconciliation in Europe. To what extent is the European Union, more than half a century later, still driven by this vision?

ECPM organizes a conference to reflect on what influence and real impact Christianity has had in shaping the European history based on the ideas an vision of the founding fathers; the impact it has in shaping core European values like peace, solidarity, dignity and equality; the role and impact of these values in today's Europe and within the European Union and as a base for developing dialogue and collaboration with other religions in promoting common values.

We hope to meet you in Brussels!

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13:30-15:00 hrs Session I:

The Founding Fathers: How Christian inspiration led to peace and reconciliation in a war-torn continent(Room: ASP 5G3) Host: Peter van Dalen, MEP


∑ Dr. Giuseppe Zorzi (Foundazione Trentina Alcide De Gasperi)

∑ …tienne Deschamps (Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM), House of European History)

∑ Dr. Margriet Krijtenburg (Schuman Centre for European Studies)

15:00-16:30hrs Session II: Contemporary Currents: The need for a new Christian inspired paradigm in an age of social and economic confusion (Room: PHS 1C 047) Host: Ewald Stadler, MEP


∑ Peter ÷stman (President ECPM)

∑ Sari Essayah (Member of European Parliament)

∑ Valeriu Ghile

Ň£chi (Member of Parliament, Moldova)

∑ Jonathan Tame (Director Jubilee Centre)

∑ Peter Briscoe (Vice-President Europartners)

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