Christian Peoples Alliance launches its European Campaign with Pledge to Transform Britain

European-style Christian Democracy will be on the ballot papers once again in Britain in elections for the European Parliament next month. Founded with the backing of sister Christian Democratic parties successful across the EU, the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) is launching its campaign in Westminster.

Under the manifesto heading “Standing for the Truth. The best Party for Britain” the CPA says that European values are built on Christian truth about the individual, family life and the priority of justice in economic relations over personal acquisition and boundless growth. According to the CPA, the current focus in the EU on economic power relations combined with political union and banking union clashes with a Christian vision that puts mutualism, human dignity and the planet as higher priorities.

Party Leader Sid Cordle MBE said at the launch:

"The European Union is a moving ever faster towards a centralised core. Its a dehumanising machine. Our manifesto therefore supports the call for a referendum on the EU and states that if nothing changes during Cameron’s negotiations for a reformed EU then we support withdrawal.† Until then, we will work with fellow Christian Democrats in the European Christian Political Movement to bring about moral and democratic reform."†

The manifesto highlights 3 main issues:-†

†1. The corruption in the EU. This year the EU budget hole was £5.4billion. The Court of† Auditors Report on the 2012 budget shows that ‘error’ – or possible fraud in layman’s terms – is on the rise again, up from 3.9% of the total budget in 2011 to 4.8% in 2012, equating to over 6 Billion Euros of taxpayer’s money that cannot be accounted for properly.

2. Failure to respect the Christian heritage of Europe and the need for this to be reflected in EU†††† policies. The whole focus of Europe has been on human rights legislation. †Some of this is good but it has also been used as a shift away from Christian values of right and wrong, good and evil. These values have underpinned laws down the centuries and are being eroded. The CPA stands for the core values of respect for life from conception to natural death and for the importance of marriage between a man and a woman for life.

3. The need to introduce properly accountable democracy in the EU. Only the Commission can initiate legislation in Europe. The Council of Ministers and the European Parliament can only agree or disagree with what the Commission proposes.† The Commission also controls the executive in Europe who are its civil servants. It is totally unelected.

In their manifesto launched today the CPA says Britain needs a new vision and purpose either inside either a reformed EU or outside the trading bloc. The party puts forward an economic programme to reinvigorate Britain's industrial and farming sectors.†

Sid Cordle adds:

“The old parties of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have all deceived the British people over a long period and cannot be the champions of a new Britain outside the EU. Equally UKIP’s vision for us of a nation that cancels all Overseas Aid, blames foreigners for crime and supports nationalism, does not provide the prospect of a government the majority of British Citizens would want to live under.† The CPA offers a different vision and one that can unite the nation around the Christian values that put the 'Great' into 'Great Britain'.”

“It is time for the British people to be told the truth.† We now know that the EU is not just a trading block.† It’s aim is now and always has been political union.† The truth is that outside the EU we need not be isolated.† We were told that if Britain did not join the Euro London would lose its importance as a world financial centre.† It hasn’t and neither has Frankfurt the new financial centre of the euro gained in importance.† We haven’t needed to join the euro in the past. We don’t need to join the euro now. We will never need to join the euro in the future. It is time for the British people to stand for the truth and not be taken in."

Britain can stake its claim in the world outside the EU but still maintain a friendship with other countries. We must maintain our Overseas Aid, maintain our place in the G7 and maintain our place on the UN Security Council. The CPA will give Britain a bold, powerful and moral lead in the world.”

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