Lead EU Campaign Candidates Announced by CPA for London, Eastern and South East Regions

Fighting their third successive elections to the European Parliament, the Christian Peoples Alliance party has announced its lead candidates standing at the top of 3 regional lists. The elections on 22nd May 2014 mean that the electorate must choose between a range of 'party lists', rather than between individual candidates as happens in elections to Westminster.

The Christian Peoples Alliance has candidates standing in the London Region, Eastern Region and South Eastern Region, meaning that voters across a huge part of England will have a Christian Democratic option on their ballot paper. MEPs are elected according to the proportion of votes cast for their party.

CPA Leader Sid Cordle MBE, is running top of the London list. Last time in 2009, when the CPA stood in alliance with the Christian Party, the party polled 2.9% of the vote in London and a quarter of a million votes across Britain.

Speaking at a prayer rally in London, Sid commented:

"Our message is simple: if you want a Christian voice in Parliament, voters must vote for the Christian option on the ballot paper. Individuals cannot search for the 'Christian candidate', as PR lists mean the electorate must choose from a range of parties, with the person at the top of each list standing the best chance of winning."

The top CPA candidate in Eastern Region is Cllr Carl Clark, who defected from Labour to become a Christian Democrat.

Cllr Clark said:

"This election is about what kind of European Union we want for the future. Our campaign is for reform of the EU to take Europe back to the Christian vision of its founding fathers, De Gasperi, Monnet and Adenauer. A failure to reform the EU will mean we will seek to leave."

The Christian Peoples Alliance is connected to the European Christian Political Movement, which is a pan-EU party running Christian Democrat candidates, some of whom are already in the European Parliament.


London Region

Sid Cordle is Leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance. An experienced political campaigner, he has stood 4 times for Parliament, twice for the Conservative Party, in 1983 and 1992 and for the CPA in 2005 and 2010. He also served 6 years as a city councillor and for many years on the Executive and Council of the Christian Peoples Alliance.

As an MEP, Sid will promote a new generation of Friendly Societies, Credit Unions, Building Societies and Mutual Insurance Companies and trumpet companies with a strongly relational ethos. As a former vice chairman of his trade union, when he worked for the Prudential, Sid believes in the importance of social solidarity and a new economic vision for the European Union based on reforming the rules that govern free-market capitalism.

Now an independent financial adviser running his own business, Sid Cordle has spent over thirty years in financial services. He will press for significant changes in the banking system.

Other London candidates:

2. Yemi Awolola 3. Ashley Dickenson 4. Sharmilla Swarna 5. Laurence Williams 6. Ethel Odiete 7. Kevin Nichols 8. Stephen Hammond

Eastern Region

The lead candidate is Cllr Carl Clark. Carl is Thetford Town & Breckland District Councillor in Norfolk for the Christian Peoples Alliance. He was elected after working in his local community as a volunteer, inspired by his Christian faith. He now works with excluded youth, young people not in training, education or employment and serves as a pastoral worker in a large primary school.

Other Eastern Candidates:

2. Mark Clamp 3. Chris Olley 4. Stephen Todd 5. Jane Clamp 6. Kirsty E 7. Kevin Austin

South East Region

Norman Burnett is the number 1 candidate for the CPA in South East. He lives with his family in Folkestone in Kent and through his background in public transport has developed a deep passion for the region.

Norman project manages missional events and social projects serving young people, the poor and homeless. He also operates Home Front Bus www.homefrontbus.com , a unique educational resource serving schools throughout the region. Working in Christian ministry with South Kent Community Church, Norman is passionate to see our nation and Europe return to the Christian democratic principles upon which they were built.

Other South East Candidates

2. Suzanne Fernandes 3. Flora Amar 4. Rev Dominic Anthony 5. Dorothy Mugara 6. Kayode Shedowo 7. Bridget Oyekan 8. Nnenna St Luce 9. Chikka Roja

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