Warnings of threats to Religious Liberties as European Christian Democrats Urge Support for CPA

There’s a warning of fresh threats to religious liberty from European Union legislation as elections approach next week. A coalition of Christian Democratic parties, think-tanks and family associations is urging churchgoers in Britain to vote for the Christian Peoples Alliance party. The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) brings together Christian parties across the European Union and is campaigning to increase its representation in the European Parliament.

UKIP are identified as having a poor record in speaking up for Christian teaching in the Parliament. Johannes de Jong manages the European Christian Political Foundation in the Netherlands. In his message, he says:

„There have been direct threats to life, family and freedom by proposals in the European Parliament. In the last six months alone controversial proposals tabled in the European Parliament have threatened conscience and employment rights, including the ‘Estrela report’, ‘Lunacek report’ and ‘Zuber report. Christian MEPs are needed to fight these, as proposals like them are expected to return.”

The ECPM is running candidates across the EU and is pointing to:

- The demand that the EU should enforce abortion on all member-states and even on states outside the EU. (‘Estrela report’: proposal 7).

- The demand that the EU should limit the freedom of doctors not to execute abortions. This means that those working in health care should then be forced to assist in abortions (‘Estrela report’, proposal 34).

- The demand that the EU should determine sex education in all the member-states (‘Estrela report’, proposal 48).

- That this education should be shaped in an extreme liberal way (‘Estrela report’, proposal 50, specifically the term ‘gender expression’).

- The demand to involve the LGBT lobby in all EU policy-making before EU legislation goes to the European Parliament (‘Lunacek report’, proposal 5AI & III).

- The demand to enforce gay marriage (via ‘mutual recognition’) on all member-states regardless their own democratic decisions or legislation (‘Lunacek report’, proposal 5H I & II).

- The demand that the EU involves itself in the content of textbooks in schools and media in order to combat ‘gender-stereotypes’ (‘Zuber report’, proposals 57 & 58).

- The pending ‘Equal Treatment Directive’ that will have serious consequences for the freedom of enterprises, companies and associations in all staffing and (even) contracting.

Johannes de Jong, who is also a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church, adds:

“Europe needs MEPs who will vote against proposals that take away the freedom of Christian organisations to decide who they hire or not. Lawsuits in the UK and other countries prove that this is no theory but can become reality if the European Union has its way. This is why we call Christians in the UK to vote for the Christian Peoples Alliance. For them, these issues are not side-issues but core issues.

“We are in urgent need of people in the European Parliament who understand how fundamental life, family and freedom are for all other issues we face in Europe. Only with respect for life, strong families and secure freedoms can we build healthy societies and a working economy. The best way of doing this is to vote for a candidate who takes these issues at heart. Labour and LibDem MEPs have backed the mentioned proposals, while Tory and UKIP MEPs abstain too often. Therefore it’s time for a party who will vote in the right way for sure, which is the CPA."

The CPA has candidates standing in the London, Eastern and South Eastern EU regions.

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