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European Christian Democratic Leaders issue Appeal to Vote Christian Peoples Alliance in EU Elections

Leaders of Christian Democratic parties across Europe running in elections to the European Parliament have appealed to the electorate to vote for a Christian vision of the continent based on the social teachings of the mainstream churches. Standing in Britain once again, the Christian Peoples Alliance is working to offer a Christian-inspired political alternative.


A message from the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) has gone to churches in Britain in London, Eastern and South East regions urging them to alert their congregations to the fact voters must choose between competing ‘party lists’ and pointing out that CPA is among an alliance of Christian parties standing around the European Union.


An appeal from Peter Ostman, President of the ECPM calls on British churchgoers to raise their voice and vote this week for a candidate that has the right programme and values. He says:


“Every additional MEP who stands up for our core Christian values makes a serious difference.  Many people are not aware of the on-going debates on life, family and freedom in the European Parliament. However, in the last half a year major debates on these issues took place. The “Estrela report” presented by the Portuguese MEP with the same name, proposed that the EU should enforce abortion on all member-states and countries outside the EU,  limit the freedom of doctors who refuse to execute abortions and determine the sexual education in all the member-states, taking away the parent’s right to educate their children the way they want to.”
Peter Östman is a member of the Parliament of Finland and the Chairman of the Christian Democratic Parliamentary Group. In the message to ECPM supporters he warns:


“The lobby that is threatening fundamental values, rights and freedoms is often heavily subsidised by the EU. Organisations as IPPF and Marie Stopes received millions of euro from EU subsidies, which enables them to fund their lobby to the EU. The European Union is constantly funding a lobby with specific views on a subject while groups with a different view on this subject receive little or no subsidy at all. How can the EU say that it wants to promote equality when it funds only one lobby and prefers it over all different views?”
According to the ECPM, not only is there an extremely unbalanced and unhealthy way of favouring a particular group over another, these EU funded lobbies are able to influence MEP’s to draw proposals that violate the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. It says that both the Estrela and the Lunacek reports propose legislation that conflicts with this Charter, but only a minority of the MEPs realize this.
Peter Östman adds:

“This is why we need people in the European Parliament who are not only voting the right way but who will also take action. It is about your children, what they will be taught at school. It is about the freedom of the organisation of your church and your company. We need people who will stand up against the lobby that is producing these ideas and proposals which are so uncritically adopted and tabled by MEP’s.
The ECPM says that every vote for an ECPM candidates is a vote for someone who:

  • Ensures human dignity as foundation for political decisions because everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore valuable.
  • Prioritizes family as the base for society and economy because families produce and nurture the most important economic asset: people.
  • Encourages the development of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation because we cannot solve the problems of today with yesterday’s solutions.
  • Protects the freedom of religion, expression and conscience because these freedoms guarantee real plurality and diversity.
  • Aims to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation because we must end this modern-day slavery as soon as possible.

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