Sue May

London Spokeswoman

Sue May was the CPA Deputy Mayoral candidate for the London Mayoral elections in 2000 and 2004 and she also stood as a candidate on the CPA party list for the London Assembly. She has twice stood in local elections to Kingston Borough Council.

Sue has been a strong supporter of the CPA from its inception, serving on the Federal Executive for two terms and jointly leading the Policy Committee for a term. She has contributed to a number of policy documents including the Mayflower Declaration and the Greater London Authority manifestos in 2000 and 2004. Sue speaks for the party on housing matters and will make a priority the need to tackle the appalling reality that in a quarter of all London boroughs, first-time buyers have to be earning over 100,000 just to get on the housing ladder.

Sue holds a senior position in a major housing association and is passionate about building strong sustainable communities in partnership with residents. With a background in architectural design, Sue is interested in the quality of the built environment and is keen to see the CPA lead the way on environmental issues, prompting local and central government to enable development which is responsible and shows wise stewardship of resources for future generations.

Sue has participated in debates in the London Mayoral elections and at a local level and brings both her personal experience as a part time working mother with young children and as housing professional to current debates. She is also a long standing member of her local church, and has an interest in international development issues to create a fairer and more equitable global society. Her faith is central to her approach and she is fully committed to the central Christian values of the party.

Sue's vision for London is for a city where inequalities are tackled and ordinary people are given a voice and power to shape their future and that of their families. As a CPA Spokeswoman, Sue will pursue policies which meet multiple objectives, assisting communities in long lasting social, economic and physical improvement.

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