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We know that CPA is a wholly pro-life political party and it is of the greatest importance that it obtains representation at every level of British political life open to it. (more...)

One man, One woman - Why it Matters to Society

Phillip Blond, Director of ResPublica speaks about the importance of marriage to society and the coming conference, One Man, One Woman

Your Christian Candidates for Europe

... (more)

The government's austerity measures are biting hard. Hard pressed families are feeling the squeeze. ... (more)

The Planetary Boundaries to Growth

... (more)

CPA Backs the Coalition for Marriage

The Christian Peoples Alliance were among the first to support the Coalition backing marri... (more)

ECPM Islam & Christianity Conference

... (more)

History of European Christian Political Movement

... (more)

Say Yes to fairer Votes

... (more)

Back Christian Values in Europe

Impression of the Nordic Conference of ECPM, Tallinn (Estonia) September 10, 2010.... (more)

10 Years of the CPA

... (more)

Christian Party Watchman (Cross by the Cross mix)

Renowned vocalist and Christian Party candidate David 'Watchman' Williams joins the Christian Party ... (more)

Christian Choice Election Broadcast 2008

London will have the chance to see a Christian vision of London for the GLA Elections.Shown on 23rd ... (more)

BBC One 'Big Question'

Alan Craig speaking on BBC's Big Question with Nicky Campbell.... (more)

Alan Craig London Mayoral Candidate on Drugs

Alan Craig London Mayor Candidate talks to a number of ex-drug addicts and looks at constructive sol... (more)

Alan Craig on Food Poverty

Alan has been a long term campaigner for Queens Market in Newham. London has the UKs highest populat... (more)

KICC: church 'Hung out to Dry' by LDA.

Alan is asking us join his campaign against injustice towards churches.Plese look at our website to ... (more)

Tablighi Jamaat and violence

Alan Craig talks about Tablighi Jamaat and violence. Tablighi Jamaat are the group behind the Olympi... (more)

London Mayor Battle Bus Launch

The BBC report on the Christian Choice Battle Bus.... (more)

Alan Craig on why London Needs Christian Democracy GMTV

A selection from Alan Craig's interview with David Mills for The GMTV Sunday program. The topics... (more)

Why Marriage Matters: Alan Craig at the KT Hustings

Alan Craig London Mayoral candidate for The Christian Choice sets out his plans for the office of Ma... (more)

Alan Craig both sides of London

Alan Craig describes both sides of London. The city of London, the financial hub of London and the w... (more)

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