As a Christian-democratic party in the Netherlands, we have a long-standing relationship with the Christian Peoples Alliance. They have made a valuable contribution to Christian Democracy in Europe. We have met in the CPA a party with a mature programme and an honest concern for the well being of people... read more

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On Thursday 5th May 2011, voters across Scotland go to the polls to elect a new Parliament in Holyrood. The elections are your chance to say what kind of country you want Scotland to be.

On his visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Pope Benedict spoke for many Christians when he warned of the dangers of "aggressive secularism". He urged Scots to challenge threats to our "Christian foundation", which he said underpins freedom.

Scottish Christians across the churches must now use the democratic process to renew support for Scotland's Christian roots. Through the Christian Peoples Alliance, you can win a mandate for the social teachings of the churches to be heard directly in the Scottish Parliament.

We do not have the resources of other parties. But in the last elections, we had excellent candidates, sound policies and the goodwill of thousands of people across Scotland who voted for the Scottish Christian Peoples Alliance.

In this coming campaign, we will highlight issues which the secular parties refuse to address - the Christian Democratic conviction that children need a father and a mother, not politically-correct platitudes; that marriage must be recognised as the best place for children to grow into happy and secure individuals and that Christianity is needed for a free and open society to flourish. We will focus on the needs of the poor before the preferences of the rich and fight both for taxpayer value inpublic services and against Conservative and Liberal Democrat threats to public services.

The Christian Peoples Alliance invite you to join with us in campaigning for Christian Democracy in Scotland.

Christian Peoples Alliance : Promoted by Peter Vickers, CPA General Secretary, Cherry Cottage, Longleys, Meigle, Blairgowrie, PH12 8QX

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