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Failure and Google tend to be two things that are rarely uttered together in the same sentence, though commentators can be forgiven for thinking the company’s decision to close their authorship programme and the subsequent departure of their Senior Vice President of Engineering and Google+ head, Vic Gundotra, has signalled ... Read More
There are currently over 1 million businesses advertising on Google, which is a testament to just how competitive and difficult it is for any marketing campaign to make its product stand out and ascend above others in regards to their visibility levels on the platform. The reality is that even if ... Read More
The utilisation and incorporation of social media vehicles within online marketing campaigns has increased immeasurably over the past few years, with the value of a business optimising their presence on these platforms rising each and every year. Whilst the scale of your business operations and the size of your company ... Read More
A series of articles were released last year that shockingly and somewhat falsely purported that the value of an advertisers quality score in Google Adwords is unimportant. Whilst the justifications given for this stance may have been articulate and well presented, it nevertheless undermining the metric of PPC that arguably has the greatest number ... Read More
If you are someone who has frequently engaged in web spamming and other dark arts in the SEO industry over the past few years, then look away now, as Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts has suggested that there may be no way back onto the search rankings for proven guilty offenders.   According ... Read More
The classic friendly, loveable and welcome undertones that typically come along with the word Panda are most certainly not derived by webmasters on reception of the phrase, with Google’s regular Panda updates wreaking havoc on sites that are guilty of misconduct. The penalties that are given out to proven offenders can often be ... Read More
The world of SEO is ever changing, and on reflection there have been very few codes of practice that have remained consistent right through the history of online marketing. In particular, the art of building links, both internally and externally, has gone through a multitude of transformations, and to this ... Read More
The timeless mantra that is drilled into any aspiring SEO manager when they first enter into the online marketing world is that ‘content is king’, and it can be argued that this doctrine remains true even to this day. Due to this actuality, ensuring that your site does not possess ... Read More

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Social media optimisation master class; 4 reasons why Google+ is more alive than ever

Social media optimisation master class; 4 reasons why Google+ is more alive than ever